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Available Australia wide. 

From the free clarity call, right through to the private and group coaching sessions; Online Sessions are a great remedy for daily stress, especially if you are experiencing time, work, family, financial, let’s face it – ‘life pressures’ or if travel to our Armstrong Creek location is simply not an option. Without our Online Sessions, some people would never have been able to experience breathwork with us! So, from that strong nudge to change how we ‘human’, ‘live’ and ‘do business’ when Covid hit in 2020, came what we call, ‘The Gift In The Wound.’ We moved all of our Breathing Space interactions from in-person to online. Although we experienced great loss in many ways during those intense times, I am grateful for online connectivity and our Members Facebook Group because we’ve been able to serve many more humans seeking deeply valued guidance and support not just in our local area but right across Australia, during a time where it was absolutely needed most. Afterpay available.

What You Will Need

As these sessions are set up on the free app ‘Zoom’, you will need :

  • A safe, no-distraction, quiet and private space
  • A good internet connection
  • Your computer, ipad or phone
  • A pair of headphones so our audio connection is strong
  • Somewhere to set your screen on your full body, at least your head and body can be seen on your camera.

How To Get Started

So, if you’re ready to save time and money by jumping online, without sacrificing or missing out on your ‘me time / healing / personal development’, keep reading…

How to get started :

Free Clarity and Alignment Call : Select a Date & Time – Calendly

This call is for us to chat and connect, to get to know each other and I’ll share with you the details of our introductory Breathing Space Members program, The Breathe To Be Free Academy, to see if it’s the right fit for you. 

in-person session

In-Person sessions are available Mon-Fri, 9-5pm in our residential Breathing Space location in Armstrong Creek. Close to the Barwon Heads Road end of Warralilly Blvd, with plenty of free street parking which makes coming along to your 1on1 Breathing Space Breathwork sessions feel like a breeze.

In-Person sessions are available for those who value and benefit from tactile-in-person support to help you go deep into your breathwork sessions.

This is a great option for people who are typically exhausted and tend to drift away from their conscious breath, and fall into sleep. [ Trust me, I’ve been there! ]

Our In-Person ‘Breathing Space’ set up is exactly that; a cosy, private room with a warm & welcoming feel, to hang out, drink some tea, which immediately inspires you to feel safe, comfy and ready to relax and finally breathe again, to be guided through some coaching and deep, transformational breathwork, where you can feel all your worries melt away one conscious breath at a time. This is a space that feels less like ‘traditional therapy’, and more like going to your best friends place where you know you can feel at home and let it all hang out – no filters, full thoughts and feelings, are all welcome so you can finally reconnect with your long lost soul friend: Self. Afterpay available.

What You Will Need

  • Arrive on time. Just before your appointment is fine. 
  • Organise with your family / work that your appointment is a block of time for ‘no-distractions’.
  • Tech devices turned off / flight mode on / do not disturb.
  • Bring a journal / notebook ready to use during & at the end of the session.
  • Water bottle – drinking plenty of water will support healing. 
Supplied: Blankets, Yoga Mat, Bolster, Chair, Pens / pencils / crayons, Access to toilet, Water, Herbal Tea, Hugs 🙂 

How To Get Started

Ready to take inspired action?

Free Clarity and Alignment Call : Select a Date & Time – Calendly

For us to chat and connect, to get to know each other, and I’ll share with you the details of our introductory Breathing Space Members program, The Breathe To Be Free Academy, to see if it’s the right fit for you. 

Corporate Wellness

Common Questions

We are proud to say yes! Our online sessions are available Australia wide. We are grateful to be of service to the whole nation.

Yes. Once-off casual sessions are available for a higher rate of $397/session. Or $150 per ongoing weekly sessions, $175 per ongoing fortnightly sessions. [Afterpay available]. 

Becoming a Breathing Space Member is a client going through one of our paid programs. They maintain member status and access to the paid members group for as long as they are doing their sessions.

The Breathe To Be Free Academy 5 Session Program. & The Precious Present Project 10 Session Program. Plus ongoing Breathing Space Subscriptions for those dedicated to the practice. To find our more about these programs and if they’re the right fit for you, please book a call: Free Clarity and Alignment Call:  Select a Date & Time – Calendly

Absolutely, in-person sessions are available in our cosy, relaxed, Breathing Space room located in Armstrong Creek. You will feel right at home, which is a bonus if you don’t like the formal / clinical / sterile therapy spaces.

We’re located on the Barwon Heads Rd end of Warralily Blvd. Plus there’s plenty of free parking. You’ll receive more info once you’re set up in your program.

Our Breathing Space room sessions are private. Limited to x2 in-person sessions per day.

Occasionally we do yes – keep an eye on our free Facebook group for updates.

Private group sessions are also welcome if there aren’t any on the public calendar that suit you.

Book a call to find out more. Free Clarity and Alignment Call: Select a Date & Time – Calendly

“No man/woman ever steps in the same river twice. For it’s not the same river and he’s/she’s not the same man/woman.” ~ Heraclitus. We recommend it! Revisiting programs again, from a new level of awareness is highly valuable. It’s almost like you get to experience completely different programs, even though the teachings are the same. Because the next time you go through them, you’re a completely different person than who you were when you first experienced them.

With practice, you can process emotional blocks in 20-30mins which is great for all the busy women smashing goals, juggling family, life and everything else in between. However, all sessions are booked for up to 2hrs, which is something newbies really appreciate, or women going through a turbulent, new life experience. Allowing plenty of space and time to check in, receive coaching, breathe deeply, shift, break through, integrate and feel content, at peace and grounded before leaving is something I have always valued and want to make sure all my members never feel rushed through their own process.

How many times have you travelled right across town, exhausted after a huge day at work, juggling appointments, food, family, getting stuck in traffic just to get to an in-person-only appointment, that you really want to get to, but somehow end up resenting because of how overwhelming it is to make it all happen? I get it. I’ve been there.

You’ll do it when it’s necessary – but if it’s not, would you? 🙂 If your answer is no, then you’ll be happy that we offer all of our breathing space services online.

If you’re not confident in virtual sessions, maybe due to tech concerns or your at-home set up? The only way you’ll know is to give it a go. We have some tips to help prepare you for Breathing Space Success in Your Own Space. If you get stuck, we are happy to help you get set up on the Zoom app before the session.

Simple answer, no. However, the paid members group for the programs are strictly for women as these are my signature programs specifically focused on supporting highly sensitive women. And as a woman myself, experiencing life, pain, periods, shame, anger, guilt all in this female body I can draw on many personal experiences and my own healing journey to support other women in their life with much more ease. And so, this is what most lights me up. Having said that, if a man shows up, vulnerable, ready and seeking the same kind of guidance and support available in my programs I won’t turn them away. We can do a clarity call and see if the programs I offer align with that they are looking for.

From time to time men will show up looking for support for themselves, or to learn more about how to better support / understand / hold space for their kids, partners, parents, relationships; to heal grief, resentment, shame… After all, we are all human! Whether you were born female / male, identify in some other way, with absolute respect to how you identify, if you’re living in this meat-suit called human, full of thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviours that you want help work through… My door is open.  Book a Free Clarity and Alignment Call : Select a Date & Time – Calendly

Yes, once each of the couple have moved through private programs on their own. This lays ground work, and enables each person to do the inside work first.

One of my first clients came to be because she was going through a marriage break up, she went through the 5 and 10 session program during covid, approx 90% were on zoom. They also did some couples therapy elsewhere. They saved their marriage.

Yes, only if they want to. And with the prerequisite that one of the parents / guardians / care givers at least goes through the intro program first. It’s essential everyone is on the same page, understanding, emotional intelligence to support the healing, nurturing and empowerment of these sessions – alot of the growth, insights, breakthroughs can happen outside the sessions, at your home. I have a life time of personal childhood experiences to draw from, plus a career in working with children in dance studios, and children’s entertainment. This experience helps me connect with children, build a sense of likeability and trust. These structure of these sessions are organic based on where each child / tween / teen is at. If you are open for me to hang out and see if there’s a connection to support them through big feelings and challenges, I would be honoured.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a way to establish a fun, friendly connection with me and your children, you’re welcome to book me through www.facebook.com/jacqofalltradesau for at home kids entertainment – this is typically booked for birthday parties but is flexible for relaxed weekend / school holiday play dates: Entertainment can include dancing, craft, face painting, meditation, story time, games, and more.

Yes we do 🙂

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