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I’m Jacquelyn Rose McCarthy, but you can call me Jacq. I am the heart of Surf Coast Breathwork, The Emotional Empowerment and Breathwork Coach. I am an expanding, light hearted, creative, expressive, compassionate, intuitive, empathic, highly sensitive bundle of energy! I am here to connect, nurture, inspire and hold space for other highly sensitive women ready to prioritise taking their personal healing, growth and empowerment to the next level, so they can be deeply fulfilled, happy and connected in life, from the inside out; with Breathing Space Breathwork and Emotional Empowerment Coaching. My favourite pastimes are spending quality time with my partner and our beautiful pup ‘Jamie’. The Surf Coast brings out the best in me Via Breathwork. You can feel totally nurtured and supported by me as your coach and Breathwork facilitator, who feels more like a guide and friend because ‘genuine, kind, loving, open heart connection is key’ to feeling safe and open to learning, healing and growing at a deeper level. I’m so happy you’ve found Surf Coast Breathwork and I know you will enjoy the free information and support through my website. When you’re ready, I look forward to connecting with you more soon. xx

Education & Credentials

Core Clearing Breathwork Practitioner

Australian Breathwork College

Cert IV Thrive Breathwork Practitioner

Australian Breathwork College

my vision

To live in a world where everyone is living from their HEARTS. Where they can value and prioritise BEING over DOING, FEELING over THINKING, PRESENCE over ABSENCE, ABUNDANCE over LACK and CONNECTION over SEPARATENESS. Where they have the courage to open up and look within, to do the work to heal themselves. To realise that nurturing and caring for their own needs, is the most loving thing they can do for others. To learn that all their triggers are a gift and opportunity to discover where they are not yet free. And that they don’t have to do it alone. That they can feel safe, to be held, supported and be seen fully in their healing process, so they can clear the blocks that have been causing loops and patterns of pressure, tension, pain and struggle in their lives. To realise that they are not just their mind, they are not just their body, and they are not just their emotions – that they are so much more than that. That there’s nothing wrong with them and that they are so much more than ‘who they think they are’. That their past does not define them. And that to be stuck in mind, body and emotion, the parts that make up this Earth Suit [human], is to be blocked from living a bright, light, heart-centered life. To experience that sweet wave of self love, acceptance and relief when they remember that there is absolutely nothing that they could possibly do, to be more or less lovable.

Core values that I believe in

Being Present

All we have is NOW. No future. No past. Just now. Often it’s easiest to be fully present when we are enjoying ourselves – which is limited & conditional. To live in Presence is to stay open hearted in the now with all experience, even with rising levels of pressure & tension. This is the deep work that I most value. When we are fully present, we expand, bigger than mind & body. We have the power to flow with & enjoy the moment – no matter the external circumstances.

Health & Quality Longevity

Focusing on mental, emotional, physical & spiritual – Health is Wealth & Freedom. A healthy person has a thousand wishes – But a sick person only has one”. – Indian Proverb. I’ve seen this and experienced this many times. Pain, injury and sickness are all great teachers.

Heart-Centered Living

The more we push or try – the more pain and struggle we experience. The more we live from the heart – the more we flow with life. Shifting my values to heart-states has been a game changer to how I experience life. To live a life from the heart is to live a rich and wealthy life

Personal growth

To stay open to learning and be the ever evolving student of life. Staying open to ‘growing pains’ and to continue to be a bright, loving guide and up-lifter to others along the way. 

“My mission is to support ambitious, heart-centered, highly-sensitive humans ready to experience instant relief & long-term freedom from anxiety, stress & pain, just using Breathwork."
Jacquelyn McCarthy

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