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Hi, I’m Jacquelyn McCarthy,

But you can call me Jacq. I’m “The Emotional Detox Coach” and I empower women to clear emotional baggage and find instant relief with breathwork. I am an expanding, light hearted, creative, expressive, compassionate, intuitive, empathic, highly sensitive bundle of energy! And I am here to connect, nurture, inspire and hold space for other highly sensitive humans. Ready to prioritize taking your personal healing, growth and empowerment to the next level, so you can be deeply fulfilled, happy and connected in life, from the inside out.


In-person sessions

In-Person Sessions are available Mon-Fri, 9-5pm in our residential Breathing Space location in Armstrong Creek.

online sessions

Available Australia wide. Since lockdowns, almost all of our members do their 1on1 sessions online with Zoom, which has been a welcomed change, incredibly valuable and a huge time saver. The coaching, guided breathwork and integration processes, in essence are still the same as in-person sessions.

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Why breathwork?

Breathwork is the most, gentle yet empowering transformational process I have ever experienced. The level of deep physical, mental and emotional relief it can create is like nothing else. 

To be able to change the way we feel, simply by harnessing the full power of conscious breath, without any substance or medication is truly mind blowing.

Breathwork is my GO-TO, most reliable process to heal all kinds of stress, pain, anxiety, depression. Because it creates a gap as we go deeper into self awareness, to discover deep seated, underlying issues that cause many toxic patterns of mind, emotion and behaviour.

Because there’s no external intervention. Only loving presence and safe, non-judgemental guidance of the facilitator.

Breathwork has enabled me to stop escaping myself with my addictions to stress, action, career, so I could come back to myself, to love and accept all of myself.

No words will express the power of why everyone needs Breathwork; whether they’re looking for support and guidance, regulating trauma or every day stressors – finances, family, kids, career, relationships. It truly is something that needs to be felt to be understood.

It creates a gap, to get out of our heads and reconnect to who we really are.

Breathwork for me is the vehicle for pain relief, for past and present emotional healing, to regulate and soothe anxiety and stress.

It’s the first thing we do when we are born, and last thing we do before we die / transition. With Breath, there is life. So to breathe well, consciously = is to live a conscious life. It often just happens in the back ground – you know, keeping us alive, but it’s mind boggling to wonder why we weren’t taught how to harness the power of our breath for ourselves.

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